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MSO-/MDO-2000 series promotion

-10% End-User Promotion April 1- June 30

Today's complex test environment often requires features that so far only can be found in expensive instruments. GW Instek MDO-2000E and MSO-2000E series meet the needs of demanding Test Engineers at a very affordable price.

To make it even more attractive for end users to buy a MSO-2000E and/or MDO-2000E oscilloscope, GW- Instek announces a promotional program from April 1 to June 30, 2018. With additional 10% discount, the entry-level MDO-2072EG will be less than €800.




APS-7000 series programmable AC power sources

Free APS-003 or APS-004 Promotion April 1- September

APS-7000 series programmable AC power sources, which consists of 500VA of APS-7050, 1000VA of APS-7100. APS-7000 series feature power characteristics from its linear structure design including low noise, low THD, and highly stabilized power output that are ideal for the product development and verification of input power with low noise requirement or stereo, video and audio device applications, etc.

The maximum rated voltage is 0~ 310Vrms, 8.4Arms, 33.6A peak current and the output frequency range is 45~500.0Hz. Users can conveniently augment the output voltage from 0Vrms to 600Vrms (APS-003) and output frequency from 45Hz to 999.9Hz (APS-004)



The PSW-Series is a single-output multi-range programmable switching DC Power Supply

PSW-Series: -20% End-User Promotion April 1- September 30

The PSW-Series is a single-output multi-range programmable switching DC Power Supply covering a power range up to 1080W. This series of products include fifteen models with the combination of 30V, 80V, 160V, 250V, and 800V rated voltages and 360W, 720W and 1080W maximum output powers. The multi-range feature allows the flexible and efficient configuration of voltage and current within the rated power range.

As the PSW-Series can be connected in series for maximum 2 units or in parallel for maximum 3 units, the capability of connecting multiple PSW units for higher voltage or higher current output provides a broad coverage of applications. With the flexibility of multi-range power utilization and series/parallel connection, the PSW Series significantly reduces the user’s investment for various power supply products to accommodate the projects with different power requirements.




GSP-9330, a high test speed spectrum analyzer with 3.25GHz

GSP-9330 with Free GKT-008 EMI Probe Set Promotion April 1- June 30

TESTS MUST BE FAST! The brand new GSP-9330, a high test speed spectrum analyzer with 3.25 GHz, provides the fastest 204 μs sweep speed. Users, via high speed sweep time, can easily handle and analyze modulation signals. The keys to handling modulated signals are fast sweep time and signal demodulation functions. In addition to the analog AM/FM demodulation and analysis function, GSP-9330 also provides digital signal ASK/FSK, and 2FSK demodulation and analysis capabilities.

Nowadays, EMC issues are very crucial to product's design processes. Therefore, GSP-9330 has incorporated the EMC pretest solution to facilitate EMC tests. The simple and easy EMC pretest procedures from GSP-9330 can tremendously shorten users' product launch timeline.




“Pick Your Probe” oscilloscope promotion is now live

Starting March 1st until August 31st 2018, customers who purchase any 3000T, 4000X, or 6000X InfiniiVision oscilloscope with the application bundle for their scope get their choice of a free active probe that best suits their application requirements. The probes are normally priced at up to €4,000, so this offers great value to the customer.

Customers can choose from the following probes:

  • N2820A dual low-sensitivity current probe – such as mobile and IoT applications
  • N7020A “Power Rail” voltage probe – useful for power device analysis
  • N2812A general purpose differential probe, 200MHz – ideal for automotive customers
  • N2796A single-ended 2GHz probe – suited for high-speed digital applications

Contact us for more information on this fantastic promotion or view the promotional leaflet here